1-4 Floating Floor Installation

Are you in your groove? Accelerate your knowledge of click-lock floating floor installation.

From laminates and cork, through to stone plastic composites (SPC) and engineered oak, click-lock floating floors all go down the same way. Many modern floors are designed to be installed with a similar click-lock joining system. This course explores the best way to get the job done efficiently while ensuring product longevity and adherence to manufacturer warranties.

We begin with what lies underneath – underlay installation. We get down in the detail with this critical installation sub-layer, including looking at why you need it, the ideal conditions, acoustics, installation and other considerations.

We then work step-by-step through a basic floating floor installation process. Getting to know the simple science behind this flooring type means getting it right every time. This includes plank stagger, pattern shuffle and the (unbreakable) expansion gap law.

Detail matters. And great floors are no exception. We finish up with the finishings … detailing floating floors. From skirtings to transition strips and more, we get into the nitty-gritty on how correct detailing can take an average floor to top of the class. This includes how to fix the variants, metal versus HDF and the art of skirting.

Cape Town
South Africa