1-5 Floor Care and Maintenance

Do you save floors or destroy floors? Get the full lifespan out of your floor by knowing how to best care for it.

Not all floor types are made alike and knowing the correct method to clean and maintain these specialised products will ensure longevity and efficiency. Make incorrect assumptions and you could damage your floor irreparably. CAUTION CAUTION! In this course we provide guidance on the best approaches that you can use or that you can provide to your customers as a value-add.

We start with the best case scenario – preventative care. No product is bullet proof yet with some basic product specific adjustments, the lifespan can be extended exponentially. We look at mats, carpet sliders, sunlight and post-installation protection.

For ongoing maintenance we look at cleaning routines. It’s simple when you know how yet extremely harmful when you don’t. We get down to basics, including cleaning solutions, daily versus weekly routines and the different approaches between residential and commercial.

And lastly, we’ve got your back in the case of emergencies. Don’t panic! We show you what to do to limit the damage as it happens compared to post-event action steps.

Course Content

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