1-3 Getting on Site

Can you accurately and consistently assess a site? Save yourself a lot of pain later by doing the planning well at the start. 

You’ve heard this one before: failing to plan is planning to fail. And this is especially the case when it comes to flooring installation. With so many variables that can impact the longevity or profitability of your floor, the planning stage is as important as the actual installation. This course unpacks the essentials of primary site assessment, which is the gateway to a successful installation.

We start with basic measuring up, working our way through an essential checklist of all possible components. This ensures the accurate assessment of time and materials required to complete the project. This includes what to measure up and how to go about it.

In the second step, we look at how to review the substrate. You are only as strong as your weakest link and more often than not, the substrate plays a prominent role in the lifespan of any floor installation. We explore all the essential elements required for a great result, including checking for moisture and variations across substrate types.

Thirdly, we explore site planning. With the right volume of materials, and with correctly anticipated on-site conditions, you can execute with quicker results and with limited wild card delays. This includes considerations from electricity to water, security to sound, and access restrictions.

Basic assignments deepen your knowledge in this area.

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