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Bang for Your Buck

You’re busy, we get it.

In-between sourcing new clients and partners, sorting out staff issues and ensuring you deliver on your promises, that little thing called marketing can fly out the window. And when you add ‘digital’ and ‘social’ to the conversation, your blood pressure might start to rise. Rapidly.

So here’s the dilemma.

You know you need to tap into the vast opportunity of online marketing, yet you might feel very uncomfortable doing so, or do not have the time, or you do not have the budget to outsource the work to a digital agency. So there it sits on the I-must-get-to-it-urgently pile, while it calls your name and taunts you.

In our specialised work in the flooring industry, and flooring marketing specifically, we have learnt many things. The biggest insight to date has been that it’s not about the big fizz-pop agency videos, brochures and slick print adverts. Those days are on their way out.

What is entering instead is niche-specific compelling storytelling delivered to a captive audience. No more ‘spray and pray’. It’s now about focused, simple, real engagement with your smallest viable audience. Consistency, clarity and regularity of this engagement is everything.

It doesn’t have to win an Oscar. It just needs to deliver a result—a engaged audience.

We have seen enough flooring websites last updated in 2002, non-existent Instagram accounts and blank LinkedIn pages to know that there is a lot we all need to do to grow our flooring businesses and stay relevant into the future.

Getting agile and creative is the only way we are going to master what is to come.

How can we help?

Included in this outline are a few ways we can help you to grow your flooring business, whether you are an installation crew, retailer, tools manufacturer or a provider of related services and products.

There are no hard and fast rules. Our starting point is to discuss the outcomes you are looking for and to explore which options or approach would best support your needs. We can then work out a plan to meet your needs and budget. It’s all about getting your spend to work for you, no matter how small your budget might be.

We are open to bolting things together in a way that makes sense to you and for what you actually need. Some call it guerrilla marketing. We call it doing the best with what you have.

And it goes without saying that confidentiality is a given and can be locked in formally. Your strategy and goals are yours alone.


Digital Solutions

Web Site Advertising

Flooring Africa has a variety of web site advertising options, which will be expanded when the community app goes live in 2019.

This includes: front page full partner logos, sidebar banners, in-listing banner ads and other options across a variety of site placements.

For your own site, want to run a Google Adwords campaign to drive traffic to your site? Yes we can.

Business Listings

The Flooring Africa listings feature provides three listing types, one of which is free. The premium listing provides full directory access for one year, featured listing status, related posts blocked in searches, and unlimited description length, images and tags.

This maximises the directory’s dynamic search tool per category and per specific location. And for just R500 (about $35) per year. For reals. Click here to sign up.

Web Site Set-Up

Need a web site and a fresh look? We can whip up a simple yet great looking WordPress site and can even manage it for you. Need a logo or brand identity to go with it? No problem, we’ve got you covered.

There is just no excuse not to look great online and it does not have to cost you an arm or a leg. Keen to explore a monthly subscription option rather than a big capital expense upfront? Let’s talk.

Articles and Blogs

Need regular content for your web site or social channels? We can help you write and/or source great content aligned with your goals and marketing outcomes, for Flooring Africa and for your own platforms.

Would you like training or coaching on how to improve your content? We know people who know people.


We can help you design, host and manage both competitions and rewards campaigns for your audience. This includes content creation to support the campaigns.


Social Solutions

YouTube Channel

Do you have a YouTube Channel already? If yes, are you getting anywhere with it? We can help you set up your channel and its branding, load content, create content (see next section), advise on or co-develop a content plan and support with management of the channel.

Video content is one of the most powerful forms of marketing and it’s not rocket science.


Are you hitting up the Gram every day? Instagram is one of the most powerful social channels at the moment and if you are not maximising this platform then you are missing out. This includes both feed posts and stories.

We can help you setup your account(s), load content and drive up your audience. It’s all about great content delivered frequently and consistently.

If you don’t have time to post regularly and follow and engage with related accounts, let’s see how we can help.


As with Instagram, we can set up your page, develop content packs and manage your account to align with your social outcomes. There are many tools and features available within, and in support of, Facebook that can be used.

There are of course other social platforms such as Twitter that we can also explore with you.

LinkedIn Company Page

Yes it’s true that people do business with people and not companies. Yet not being present as a company on LinkedIn is a missed opportunity. It’s like the building is there but you are not in it.

As a professional network, LinkedIn is a very meaningful and professional space where thought leadership articles and engagement is celebrated.

We can help you set your page and advise on the personal profiles of your team members.


Media Solutions

Flooring Africa Vlog

If your brand or product aligns with the goals of Flooring Africa, we can develop for you a dedicated 8 –10+ minute YouTube vlog episode where your product or service is focused on exclusively with captivating storytelling, branded contact details and a YouTube channel link in the end screen (if applicable).

Content is ‘ever green’ and so can continue its use as a marketing tool. We have found that new subscribers do go back and watch past content and great topics have high discoverability through YouTube searches and recommended ‘watch next’ videos. If your agents or distributors are not creating this kind of content, and you need to build your brand in African markets, we can help you.

Click here to check out the vlog.

Video Ads and Stories

Need fun and impactful 30 seconds to one minute adverts for your social platforms? Looking to publish high quality Instagram stories to promote your business? We can co-design a content plan and source and/or film content for use in the media outputs.

A quick turnaround single and multi-pack options are available. We can load them for you too!

Training Materials

If you need to develop your own in-house training materials, be that printed, video or other, we have a learning specialist in our team ready to develop these with you.

To connect with us to chat about how we can collaborate, contact us through the Contact page.

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