High-Density Engineered or HDF

High-density engineered flooring bridges the gap between a laminate floor structure and the more traditional engineered hardwood floor format. It uses the high density fibre (HDF) core layer used in laminate flooring, which is sandwiched between two layers of real wood. The end result is a beautiful hard-wearing and dimensionally stable flooring system that has better impact resistance than a traditional solid or layered wood system.

Anti-scratch UV Coating

Critical in delivering long-term beauty and lifespan. Short-changing this unseen element can have devastating effects to your investment. Oil or lacquer options available.

Decorative Wood Layer

Species, grade and texture become critical components in determining overall performance, cost and aesthetics of the product. The thinner the layer, the greater its ability to resist impact damage and become fully saturated with the anti-scratch coating, thus improving performance.

HDF Core Board

Foundational element of this floor. Cheaper, less dense varietals can compromise stability, impact resistance, joint strength and water resistance. The click joint system is reliant on the size and density of this component to perform as desired.

Balancing Stability Layer

This is a mechanical counter balancing layer to the decorative wood layer. Without it, the plank would warp and distort over time as environmental conditions naturally fluctuate.


Designed to be a floating floor, it can be fully bonded onto a suitable substrate. It requires an environment and installer who understands the requirements of a natural wood floor. Seasonal expansion and contraction must be allowed or this product will fail.


  • Highly impact resistant
  • Real wood surface
  • Floating system
  • DIY friendly
  • Sustainable, 100% recyclable


  • More expensive than laminates
  • Perceived as inferior to solid/engineered options
  • Requires a flat substrate with limited imperfections

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