Vlog S2,E5 | Liquidation and Retrenchment! | Invest in Your Network

We received some interesting and startling communications over the last week…

Case 1) a friend in the UK who paid in full for her wooden flooring only to find that the company had foreclosed between deposit and install. In other words, they knew what was coming when they took her payment and that money is now gone.
Case 2) a retailer closing its store in the Western Cape, knowingly taking a client’s deposit when they knew they would be gone and the client would be handed over to the Johannesburg store. And then not letting the customer know or being prompt in dealing with it. The client was so upset that she contacted us directly on Instagram to voice her frustration. Happily, she has now received her deposit back.
Case 3) a retailer that is battling to survive and is also recruiting new staff, with new people potentially leaving their employ for a job where they might not get paid at the end of the first month.

These are all real and scary cases that we really have to look at to see how we deal with the moral issues of change, challenge and survival. In this episode, we have coffee with Belinda Doveston, who has extensive experience in helping businesses to grow. We chat about ways we can approach these tough times while keeping our integrity intact. We also talk about how to deal with retrenchment in the flooring industry.

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