Stone Plastic Composite or SPC

Using the same technology as LVT flooring (Luxury Vinyl Tile/Plank), this rigid core board has a decor paper and a wear layer fused onto its top surface. Some products include anti-scratch coatings of variable grades as a final protective layer. Locally, wear layer thicknesses start at 0.3mm for residential purposes and escalate up to 0.55 mm for more commercial applications. Most quality products include a bonded acoustic layer underneath, of variable qualities and performance, which improves underfoot comfort, reduces sound and has thermo-insulation properties.

Anti-scratch UV Coating

Critical in delivering long-term beauty and lifespan. Short-changing this unseen element can have devastating effects to your investment.

Wear Layer

Main layer protecting the decor paper from moisture, staining, wear and tear. Quality is displayed in clarity, density, texture and abrasion resistance.

Decor Paper

Main visual of the floor plank. Colour, print resolution, pattern repetition and ink stability are all key variables in this component.

Core Board

Foundational element of this floor. Cheaper ingredients can compromise stability, impact resistance,
joint strength and water resistance. The click joint system is reliant on the size and density of this component to perform as desired.


A key area where manufacturers can play with the thickness and performance of the underlay to improve cost.


SPC requires a flat substrate to support this floor type or the joint structure could shear. The
installer needs to carefully follow the plank installation methodology unique to each floor manufacturer or the joint click structure, once again, could be critically compromised.


  • Highly water resistant
  • Highly heat stable
  • Floating system
  • DIY friendly
  • Fire resistant


  • More expensive than laminates
  • Can feel hard underfoot
  • Requires a flat substrate with limited imperfections

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