Vlog S2,E11 | Bosch Laser Measure Review | Fast & Accurate Flooring Measure Ups

First things first…no Portamix Hippo was harmed in the making of this vlog! Yet you will kick yourself you-know-where if you don’t enter the new Portamix giveaway, ending 15 May 2019.

To enter, visit our Competitions page: https://flooringafrica.com/april-2019-giveaway-with-portamix-and-nui/

In this week’s episode, we test out the Bosch GLM 120 C professional laser measure – new in the South African market! Check out the existing laser measure range:

Thank you Bosch, for your great support and sponsorship of this vlog.

And of course, thanks to Flooring Solutions, Somerset West, for the use of your great store for the demo.


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