Vlog S3,E7 | Thinking Differently | The Future Of Flooring Trade Fairs

Join Flooring Africa, Barry Doveston and guests in April 2020 for a celebration of the flooring community and the master craft through self-isolation, informal online interviews with industry players. Product insight, upcoming innovation and inspiration to keep us going.

Let’s dispel the blues by sharing expertise and giving back. No one could predict the scale and speed of the corona virus and its impact on global trade and life as we know it. Time will tell how this story ends and whether humanity can rise to the challenge or will fall through ego, ignorance and selfish motive. Despite that, if you are tuned to seeing opportunity to step-up and give back, there is always opportunity to do something incredible. We call on you to join us in a rapid-fire industry response to this crisis and to seize the opportunity to keep your doors and hearts open to those you serve. “Digital content just got real. Real fast.” Great words of wisdom from Daniel McCarthy. More than ever, people are turning to digital content in times of self-isolation and activity slow down. In these times, we need to accelerate content creation and distribution. Digital just became really good business.

At Flooring Africa, given our focus on online content and media, we deeply recognise the opportunity and need to take action, now. The 2020 online flooring expo. With events, expos and trade shows dropping off your marketing list, you cannot afford to disappear in the midst of panic and chaos. Life does go on and so should you and your team. At some point, we will get past this, so what counts is what you do NOW. We will be hosting an online, video-interview format expo through the Flooring Africa YouTube channel, where participation is open to all industry players with an overriding industry give back that can inject positive enthusiasm and contribution to the many flooring players who are financially in crisis right now or soon will be.

Here’s the link to Belinda’s webinar, on How to Lead in a Time of Crisis: https://youtu.be/vcEBbd61vUA

THESE INTERVIEWS WILL BE LISTED UNDER: https://flooringafrica.com/online-flooring-expo-2020/

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