Vlog S3,E8 | Engineered SPC Explained – The Next Level – ABA SPC

Not all SPC variants look the same nor deliver the same results. We explore the latest option introduced by the Macneil Flooring Division.

Engineered SPC elevates the experiential attributes while delivering on the SPC features we love – Stability, ease of installation and water resistance.

To find out more about SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) flooring, we have quite a few videos for you to watch. How about starting with this one https://youtu.be/nMUMUGDZI2E

MacNeil has nationwide coverage through their national (South African) depots, so get in touch with the MacNeil Flooring team to get your hands on this great product: https://www.macneil.co.za/en/flooring/renew

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